Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Each month one of you, lovely members that you are, will be the member of the month! Your feature will include an interview with you, a picture of you (if you choose to provide one), and a list of five of your favorite book recommendations!

Why go through all the trouble? The best part about book clubs is getting to know one another. To bond over a mutual love of books. Since we're online only, it takes away from the group dynamic a bit. I want to build a community of readers, and what better way than to give people the chance to put a face to the people that they're chatting with?

When it is your month, I'll send you an email containing your spotlight interview and further instructions. Once again, thanks for being a member!

Past Spotlight Members
June 2014 - Kari Olson *Interview *Book Recs
July 2014 - Tina Barak *Inteview *Book Recs
August 2014 - Keri Wiley *Interview *Book Recs 
September 2014 - Tricia Ballard *Interview *Book Recs

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