Monday, June 16, 2014

Special Announcement time! Are you ready?

It's time! Time to announce what this month's special surprise is.

One thing that I love about being a book blogger is getting to interact with authors. A lot of us are lucky enough to have the chance to chit chat about books with the people that wrote them, and it's a great feeling! So I wanted to bring that feeling to all you.

Thanks to Kari, and her ever present charisma, this month's surprise is...

Kendare answers YOUR questions!

Yes lovely book clubbers, the author herself is willing to answer your questions. Have you been reading Antigoddess and wondering "Why don't they just KISS already?" or thinking "Is Hera really all that evil?". Well here's your chance to ask Kendare. Give her your best shot!

Feel free to add questions to this post as often as you think of them. We'll be forwarding them to Kendare at the end of the month, once the book is finished, for her to answer!

Super huge hugs to both Kendare and Kari. You guys rock!

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