Monday, June 30, 2014

New to our book club? Welcome! Here are your first steps:

You'll definitely want to do this first. Signing up for our mailing list guarantees that you'll know what we're reading next, and that you'll get any announcements throughout the month! I only send 1-2 emails a month, so there's no worry about spam. I promise! While at the Mail Chimp site, make sure to fully fill out your profile! Your emails there are what I use for Spotlight emails.

* Find a way to follow this blog!
In the right hand side bar, you'll find link buttons. Feel free to follow via RSS, BlogLovin', Google Plus, or any other way that fits your needs best. The important part is that you don't miss a post! 

Have a Facebook profile? I can add you to our group on there too! Simply shoot me an email from whichever account you link to Facebook, and I'll add you.

* Get situated on Disqus!
Our discussion threads us Disqus as their basis. It easily allows you reply to people, and keeps comments sorted in their respective discussion sections. Sign up! That way you'll get an email whenever someone responds to you, and you can stop back in!

* Look in the right hand sidebar for what we're reading this month. 
I'll always keep the picture updated to what our current read is. If you missed a discussion post at any point, simply type the name of the book into the search bar at the bottom of the page! It'll bring up all the past posts.

Have fun, and happy reading!

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