Sunday, August 31, 2014

Member of the Month - Keri Recommends...


September is upon us my friends. Thanks for sticking with me all this time. I can't believe that we're already on our fifth read as a group! You've all been wonderful discussion partners, and it's been a blast sharing books with you.

Our current Member of the Month is just about to give up her throne, but not without giving you some insight into new books you should read! Let's see what Keri has for you to add to your overflowing TBR, shall we?

The idea of picking a 5 books out of all the many that I consider my favorites made me really anxious, so Jess has been gracious enough to allow me to choose my top 5 favorite authors instead!


Neil Gaiman- Neil Gaiman's books are always so special to read. His children's books, adult novels, and his graphic novels always make me feel butterflies in my tummy (much like love). American Gods may be my favorite, but it's a close call since Stardust is also fantastic (much better than its movie counterpart). Good Omens, which is a collaboration between Gaiman and Terry Pratchett (another amazing author), is also one of my all-time faves!!! Gaiman's short story books are always great, so is The Graveyard Book, and the Sandman graphic novel series. There are also many other works from him that I love. If you haven't read much of Neil Gaiman I suggest you remedy that as soon as possible!

Tom Robbins- I started reading Tom Robbins books when I was 18 years old, and 12 years later he is still one of my favorite authors! I have read almost all of his books, and though I haven't fallen head over heels in love with every single one, I tend to enjoy them enough to finish them. Jitterbug Perfume, Villa Incognito and Still life With Woodpecker are my top 3 picks from him, but he has many others that are definitely worth picking up! His writing style is so interesting and I absolutely love the way he goes off on random tangents throughout his novels. His books are so unique.

Sarah Addison Allen- Sarah Addison Allen's novels always leave me with a sense of longing, but in a good way. Her stories are always set in some quaint southern town, with some aspect of magic, yet not magic at the same time. Magical realism, I suppose. I sincerely loved all of her novels. They make me yearn for something more.

Anne Rice- Now, not all Anne Rice novels are created equal, but there are some that so fantastic that you want to read them over and over again. I have been a fan of Rice for so very long, I started reading her books when I was still in high school. She may be the reason I love fantasy as much as I do. The Witching Hour, The Vampire Lestat, The Mummy or Ramses the Damned.... So many books that I love. I've not read any of her "Christian" books, but I plan on reading her Werewolf books.

Jasper Fforde- I honestly think that all book lovers should pick up the Thursday Next series by Fforde. His Nursery Crime novels are also so very fun! That's why I love Jasper Fforde's book, they are just so much FUN! His books are fantastic when life is stressful, and everything seems to be going wrong, the world created by Fforde is such a wonderful escape from real life!

Honorable Mentions: DR. SEUSS (of course), Illusions by Richard Bach, The Song of the Lioness series and The Immortals series by Tamora Pierce, The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester, and weirdly enough I am a HUGE John Steinbeck fan, so like all of his books.

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