Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Member of the Month - Kari Recommends...


Well it's the end of the month, and that means it's almost time for Kari's reign as our Bookishly Delighted Spotlight member to come to an end. If you missed her interview, don't forget to go visit and say hi!

That does mean it's time to choose someone new! I'll be sending out an email very soon. In the meantime, we'll round out the month by sharing Kari's favorite books with you! Here's hoping you find something new, and awesome, to read.

Five Favorite Books:
I'm going to cheat (I wouldn't cheat on the 1 word description, yet I cheat everywhere else. Oh, yeah.) and not include ones I've already mentioned in the interview, but the ones listed there are totally favorites too.

1. Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult: One of the single most amazing and impacting books I have ever read, but I probably couldn't stand to reread it because it left me such a broken, emotional mess. It also really kick started my Jodi Picoult obsession and except her very first 2 books, I've now read every single title she has put out. But this one still takes the cake

2. In Honor by Jessi Kirby: Rusty pretty much made this book for me. He's kind of a jerk, but also pretty sexy, and just that right amount of broken that totally does it for me. There's so much awesome in this book, and such a big story told in a pretty short word count. It's impressive, actually.

3. Pivot Point by Kasie West: Technically, anything by this amazing woman, but we'll go with her debut for this list. The voice is stunning, the writing so smooth, and I even snuck pages at work I was so obsessed with this story. It's easy to fall into, and refuses to let you go. Actually, every Kasie book does that.

4. Honor Reclaimed by Tonya Burrows: SETH. Which might have no meaning to any of you, which means you should pick it up so you find out (bonus if you already read her books, or have read any of her Wilde brothers Brazen books, since you see Seth in those). But this man was an Afghanistan prisoner of war, that finally gets released. Now, he's trying to fix himself, get his head back on right, and he ends up being sent back to Afghanistan. I have a probably unhealthy love for broken guys, and he just might take the cake. This book has suspense, drama, action and adventure, plus a hefty dose of romance, passion and some dang hot sexy scenes. Unf.

5. The Program by Suzanne Young: Again, anything by this author is well worth it, but we'll target this title for right now. It's so insanely romantic, even while it's so depressing. But considering it's about a suicide epidemic and a Program that tries to "Treat" it, depressing goes with the territory. One of my favorite scenes ever is in this book, and if you read it, bonus points to you if you can guess which one. But it has so much between the lines, and it is one of those almost insane kind of love stories that really sort of rips your heart to shreds with how painful but beautiful it is.

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