Sunday, June 15, 2014

Antigoddess - Discussion Post #2

So I'm a little behind this weekend. All sorts of things have been happening, all good things, and I just got a little distracted :). I know today is Father's Day and most of you are probably out and about with the awesome men in your lives. Feel free to pop back in and comment any time this week! I promise the next discussion post will go up on Saturday, as scheduled.

Let's start our chat about Antigoddess.


Discussion Questions:

What are your opinions on Athena and Hermes as main characters? Are they holding your interest?

In these last few chapters, so many things have happened! What do you think about Cassandra's reaction to Aiden's confession? Agree with it? Disagree with it?

Where do you think Kendare Blake is taking us next?


Don't forget that we love to hear your thoughts, but try to leave spoilers behind if you've read ahead! I, and your fellow book club members, thank you.


My Thoughts?

This story is all kinds of crazy, but in a good way. I'm loving Athena's fire, and her ability to persevere even when things seem bleak. I'm kind of on the fence about Hermes. He seems like he might be the type of character who changes sides at some point. I know that he and Athena have a "friendship" going on right now, but... well.. I'm not a trusting person when it comes to characters. Lol. I'm always wary.

In terms of Cassandra's reaction to Aiden, it honestly made me laugh. If I were here, and he straight up told me "Hi, I'm a God! And I have been the entire time we've been together!", I think I'd be a little more stressed out. The reason I'm willing to forgive her though is that her visions are getting intense. Maybe she's more open to all the weirdness that has ensued, simply because of that fact. I wouldn't want to be the one with those visions. They are just brutal. I'm wondering how it's going to affect her life coming up.

Which leads me to where I think the story is going. I really feel like there's going to be a much more epic showdown in the chapters to come. I was so excited when Hera appeared, and a little disappointed when she wasn't as bad-ass as I'd hoped. Still, she played it smart. I think she's going to attack with a vengeance once she gets the rest of her group together. I can only hope that Athena and Hermes find their group too. It's going to be amazing!

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