Sunday, June 29, 2014

Antigoddess - Final Discussion Post

I know this didn't go up yesterday, and you're probably all waiting anxiously to talk about the ending of this book! My apologies for all the feelings you have wrapped up inside you, my bookish friends. Let me give you a place to talk about them, shall I?

It's that time again, time to finish up our discussion of Antigoddess.


Discussion Questions:

I know you're so very eager to talk about the ending, so let's gush like crazy! What did you think about the climatic fight between the gods? Was it what you were expecting? Do you feel like Cassandra came into her own? What about Athena? I know you're all hurting too, so go ahead, we'll mourn with you. What do you think about the death of Aiden?


Don't forget that we love to hear your thoughts, but try to leave spoilers behind if you've read ahead! I, and your fellow book club members, thank you.

This is your last chance to put some questions out to Kendare! They'll be heading over to her this coming Wednesday. Thought of something you want to ask? Put them here


My Thoughts?

I seriously don't even know what to write! I'm pretty sure that my mouth was hanging open for a good majority of the end of the book. First all, I'll admit that I was slightly pissed when Cass and Aiden just decided to take off. My brain refused to wrap itself around the fact that they wouldn't stay and fight. Color me surprised when they came back, and that fight was all sorts of crazy! Poseidon is terrifying, Aphrodite is absolutely insane, and Hera is still just as violent as ever. I was so impressed by the fact that Athena fought so bravely. I love her more than ever.

In my opinion, Cassandra is still holding back. I'll forgive her for it, but it's obvious she has so much power hiding inside her. I swear, I almost wanted to blame her for the fact that our poor Aiden (Apollo) is no longer alive. I feel like she could've fought harder. Is it petty? Probably. I just loved that boy. My thoughts on the matter though? I have a sneaky suspicion he's not really gone. I can't tell you why I think so but... well... I'm overly optimistic anyway.

I loved this book! I can't wait for the next one :).

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