Sunday, June 1, 2014

House Cleaning + New Features!

Well, it's a new month! If you haven't already received it, the first June Newsletter is on its way! It'll give you the reading breakdown for Antigoddess by Kendare Blake to get you all set to start reading tomorrow. How exciting is that?

Now let's get some house cleaning stuff done, and then I'll be announcing a new feature. Are you ready?


This month's top commenter was Tina!

Congratulations my friend! You contributed great things to May's book discussions, and in return you'll be receiving a $10 Amazon Gift Card to spend on anything you wish. Perhaps this new book? :)


Don't forget, you can be the Top Commenter too! Check out the main page for that to see how to get points, and get started!


Periodically I need to see how many of you out there are actually getting access to these posts. For my own sanity, please leave a comment on this post if you have read it! Remember,  it's vital that you find a way to follow this blog. I only send out two newsletters a month, and everything else will pop up on here :).


Here's the first new feature that I'll be launching this month! From this point forward, until we run out of participants of course, I'll be featuring one of you for the month! You feature will include a picture of you (if you choose to provide one), a mini interview, and a list of your favorite books.

Why go through all the trouble? The best part about book clubs is getting to know new readers! Since we're online, it takes away from the group dynamic a little bit. I want to give everyone the opportunity to get to know you and put a face to your brilliant comments :).

You can, of course, always choose not to participate. When it's your month I'll let you know.

Keep an eye out for the first Spotlight post this week!

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