Friday, June 6, 2014

Antigoddess - Discussion Post #1

Well, you've made it to Friday! Congratulations! 

As I mentioned before, I'm putting this post up now because I'll be busy all weekend :). My brother is on leave from the Army, and so the weekend shall be all about him. Other than obligatory Facebook posts and pictures, I probably won't be online much. So chat away! I'll stop in when I can!

Let's start our chat about Antigoddess.


Discussion Questions:

Before anything else, I'm curious: is this your first adventure into YA? With all the craziness going around regarding adults reading YA, I thought I'd throw it out there. Are you a YA reader?

How do you feel about the story line so far? Does it catch your interest, or do you feel lost?

Show of hands, who out there loves Greek myths and legends?

What do you think of Kendare Blake's writing style so far?


Don't forget that we love to hear your thoughts, but try to leave spoilers behind if you've read ahead! I, and your fellow book club members, thank you.


My Thoughts?

To keep myself from going off on a three page rant about the uninformed piece of junk that calls itself an article going around, I'll simply say this: Read what you want. I personally love YA fiction. It's fun to get lost in, there are amazing stories out there, and a lot of it still resonates with me even now that I'm nearing 30. I don't think you have to be a teen to appreciate it. I just think you have to be willing to open up your mind.

As far as Antigoddess goes, I'll admit that the first time I tried to read this book I was lost in these first few chapters. At the time, I was trying to read this for a review and reading way too quickly. This time I was able to savor the words on the page, and step back to see the whole picture. I'm a fan of Greek myths and legends, so seeing Gods and Goddesses flit around on the page in teenage human form is pretty cool. I sense something big is coming around the bend, and the way that Chapter 5 ended has me wishing I could read on. I'll resist. Or at least I'll try, but man. 

Which means of course that I do like Kendare Blake's writing style! I may be a little biased because I've read other books by her, but I love that she has the power to evoke a picture of the setting in my mind as I read. Her characters always feel solid to me, and this is no exception. If things continue on as they are now, I'll have to give in and read on to the end. 

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