Monday, June 30, 2014


Happy Monday bookworms!

Well, or at least as happy as Monday can be :). I'm here to give you a couple of updates.

You probably already saw the New Member Portal. If you want to invite someone to the book club, send them to that page! If you don't want to link them directly to it, there's a little link in the right hand side bar that says "New? Start here!" and that will take them to the same place.

Make sure you read the changes to the Top Commenter Incentive Program. It's still essentially the same, but I wanted to clarify some of the rules to make sure everyone understood. Especially now that we have more members participating.

Vlog going up tomorrow! I'll vlog the winner of this month's gift card.

Also, we now have a Google Plus page! If you'd like to follow us there, they'll be a button in the right hand sidebar shortly. It's bare bones now, but I'll update it soon. Stay tuned for a slight revamp of our site as well :).

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