Sunday, March 30, 2014

House Rules + Sign Up Link

1. Be open to opinions.
We are all entitled to our own opinions. Just please be respectful of others in that regard.

2. We debate, not argue.
When expressing said opinions, be polite! This club welcomes debate, but we don't deal with bullies.

3. Everyone reads at their own pace. Let's keep this spoiler free!
If you don't make it to the chapters we're supposed to read for the week, no problem! Did you read ahead and finish the whole book because it was so good you couldn't stop? Okay! Just please, no spoilers for those who are behind you.

4. Be open to new genres.
Although I'll always let you know what we're reading, and you can always choose not to participate, try to step out of the box once in a while! We are all here to discover new reads.

5. Make new friends, and have fun reading!
This is the most important rule of all. We're here to bond over the love of reading. Meet new people, get their info, and come talk books whenever you want. This is your site.

New to our site?
Please sign up for the mailing list! You'll only get 1 to 2 emails a month from us, detailing what we're reading and when. Plus the occasional book giveaway!

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