Saturday, September 20, 2014

Discussion Post #3 - Side Effects May Vary

Your next post is here! Can you believe it's the first day of Fall? So Cal isn't feeling it yet, by any means, but still. I'm all for sweater, latte, and boot weather! Bring it on!


Discussion Questions:

* There's been a few more peeks at Alice's bucket list in these chapters. Have these events changed your views of Alice? How about Harvey?

* What do you think about Eric and Deborah's inclusion in the story?

* We've now seen that Harvey is definitely capable of holding his own against Alice's sway. What do you think will happen in the next chapters?


My Thoughts:

Now we come to the part of the book that made this inch up on the rating scale for me! Yup, this book was a roller coaster of a ride the first time, and it's the same this time around. Alice's stunt at the play was actually pretty humorous, and I wasn't upset with her for it. We all know Celeste is an ass, and honestly? It wasn't even that terrible. At least she didn't have to flash her naked behind to the whole world ;). Add in the fact that Alice gives a puppy to a little girl, and you start to shatter the ice around my heart. Plus, Harvey starts to show some balls, so he's off my list too.

Eric and Deborah play an essential part in this story, each of them giving our main characters a chance to be apart. I think Eric was good for Alice because she realized how much she wants something stable, but how afraid she is to hold onto it. I also think Deborah is great for Harvey. She not be his Alice, but she keeps him grounded. Plus it gives Alice a glimpse at that envy that she harbors inside her. When she admitted that she wants him, but she also wants him to be happy? Huge freaking grin on this girl. Progress girl. Progress.

As I said before, this is when Harvey starts to come into his own. He realizes that he needs something of his own, and that he can only be there for Alice so far as she'll let him. I've already read the ending, so I'll leave it to you to predict what'll come next. Make sure you don't spoil :). I don't doubt some of you have already finished this!

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