Saturday, September 13, 2014

Discussion Post #2 - Side Effects May Vary

Here's hoping that your reading went smoothly this weekend! I know a few of you aren't exactly feeling this book, but I wanted to say that I appreciate the fact that you're participating in the discussion anyway. You are all amazing.


Discussion Questions:

* Now that you've had some more insight into Alice's disease, and Harvey's reactions, has your opinion of either character changed? 

* As show by the "Then" chapters, Alice always expected the cancer to beat her. Would you say her outlook shaped her actions as a character?

* What are your opinions on Alice's "bucket list" so far?

* Imagine you have the power to change one event in this book. After what you've read, what event would you change? Why?


My Thoughts:

Thanks for plugging along with me on this read guys! To those of you who are enjoying yourselves, I'm so happy. To those of you who aren't, thanks for joining the conversation anyway. It's nice to see that we can have a vibrant discussion no matter what! 

My opinions on both characters remain solidly the same as before, except for the fact that this is the part of the novel where I stop feeling bad for Harvey and start feeling frustrated. He's an enabler and, while I totally understand that it comes from a good place, it makes me feel like shaking him until he understands. I don't hate Alice. Honestly, I don't. Dealing with cancer is hell, and she has every right to be bitter and angry. What I hate is that she takes it out on those around her. I don't expect her to be a happy, optimistic, flowery kind of girl. I just want her to be a bit nicer, I guess.

I do see why the "Then" chapters are so essential though. As the cancer took over, Alice always expected to loose. She expected to die, and be done with it all. When you're living your who life with no consequences, because you figure you won't be around to deal with it all, finding out you're going to live must be brutal. I can't even imagine trying to go around and pick up the pieces like that. So I do see why her character is the way that she is. It doesn't mean I agree with it though. We've only had a small glimpse into Alice's bucket list, but I can promise you it continues to be just as evil and petty. Vengeance never is a pleasant thing though.

If I could change one event in the book so far? I'd stop Harvey from saying he loved Alice. Honestly. I feel like it would have stopped a lot of what causes him to be so hurt by everything. Poor guy. He's too chivalrous for his own good.

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