Tuesday, September 23, 2014

7 Places To Find That Book You've Been Wanting!

Hey there awesome reader friends! I was thinking about the fact that some of you out there might not know what resources are available to you when you want to snag our monthly books! I know I'm lucky, as a person who has a stellar library system. I've been on the other side of that though, and I know it's tough to locate books you might want to read without spending a ton of money. So get ready, here's your guide to all the places you can spend that bookish cash!

1. Your local library
As I said, I know that not everyone has access to a local library. If you do though, this would always be the place I'd check first. Remember, libraries exist because you support them!

2. Amazon
This is the next place most people think of when they're looking for a book. Yes, I know not everyone supports Amazon. Don't worry, there are more options coming. If you have a Kindle, or a tablet/phone with the free Kindle app, this is a great place to buy books. They'll automatically transfer to your device, and all you have to do is download them to read them. Don't have a smartphone or tablet? You can also download a free Kindle app for your computer! Or, read in the cloud and never download anything at all.

The last man standing in the big box book stores, Barnes & Noble is another great choice to find your book! If you're not in the mood to buy a brand new paperback, you can also buy ebooks through them as well. Own a Nook? This is your destination for easy to download, easy to read books. Once again, if you don't own an e-reader, Barnes & Noble offers free reading apps for phones, tablets and computers! They also have cloud reading available.

Not an e-reader person and want a paper copy? Well, at Abe Books you can probably get it cheaper! They list thousands of used copies of many of the books we read. Their site is easy to use, and has some great deals. Hey, look at that! Cycle of the Werewolf for only $3.50 and free shipping? Done.

Another great choice for inexpensive reads is Half Priced Books! I've ordered through them many times, and never been disappointed. Their price points are low for used books, and they run sales all the time on new ones too. Sign up for their newsletter! Every year they run a crazy 50-75% off sale. Your TBR pile has been warned. Here's We Have Always Lived in the Castle for about $2.34.

For those of you who want new books, but also want to support small bookstores, check out Indie Bound! Their website allows you to find a local bookstore near you, and shop with them through the website.

I love Book Depository. First off, they ship for free nearly everywhere. Their International is quick too. Secondly, they run sales all the time on even new books. You can get a brand new title for anywhere between 15% and 30% off normally and check out the bargain bin for books that are 50% off. Once again, sorry TBR pile. You've been warned.

Know of any other great places to shop for books? Shout it out in the comments! My whole point in doing this is to let you know that it's always possible to get the book you want. Most of the time, for cheaper than you think. So join us! We're all bookish here.

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