Sunday, August 24, 2014

Magic Bites - Discussion Post #3

Can you believe that it's already almost the end of the month? I tell you, time flies when you have a good read! Little birdies have told me that many of you already finished this book, you naughty readers you ;). I'm glad you loved it! Let's discuss chapters 7-9.


Discussion Questions:

* As one of our members mentioned last week, Kate may seem tough on the outside but she's definitely breakable. What do you think of her now that you've seen deeper into what she can do?

* What did you think of the dinner between Crest and Kate? Could you have seen them as a permanent couple?

* Any new thoughts on Curran? Are you a fan of the Beast Lord?

* We're well on our way to a showdown between Bono and Kate. Opinions on how the story has progressed? Kate's Atlanta is definitely not always a pleasant place. How do you predict this story will end?

* Show of hands, be honest! How many of you already finished this book? *giggles and tries to look stern*


My Thoughts?

The very fact that Kate is human, above all else, is what makes her one of my favorite characters. She might be a bad-ass mercenary, she might push people away to protect herself and them, but at the deepest part of it all she just wants to be whole. I can promise those of you who loved this story that if you keep reading on, you'll slowly find that Kate is one of those characters who is impossible not to love. She's strong, but underneath that there's a veneer of cracks. I love Kate for just that. She's flawed. She's human. 

I have to say, I do like Crest. A lot in fact. I love that Ilona Andrews uses him to show all the things that Kate isn't. He's refined, she doesn't care about that. He wants to treat her like at trophy, she just wants to feel cared about. From the moment I met Crest, I never felt like they'd actually be together. In fact, the thoughts flowing through her head when she was with him at the opera were priceless. Kate isn't a trophy wife. She's a warrior, and stubborn as hell.

Curran, on the other hand? Still my favorite cat! The fact that he will put himself in harms way, time and time again, to save Kate makes me swoon. She may not want to be saved, but he doesn't care. He reminds her that sometimes we all need a little help. Plus, their banter just gets better and better. There is no more perfect person to match Kate's stubborn ways than Curran. Those two are fire and fire. All that makes? Is more fire.

Oh gods, I totally forgot about Bono and his horrible Upir form until I was re-reading this with you guys. The first time I read this I remember cringing at the awful description of the monster that he was, and what he created around him. Now that I've read to this part, I can tell you that a big showdown is coming and it isn't going to be pretty. There will be blood friends, and that's all you'll get from me. Oh, and no. I haven't finished this yet. I'm sticking to the reading schedule! Even though it's hard as hell. LOL. Otherwise I might spoil something for you all. 

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