Sunday, August 17, 2014

Magic Bites - Discussion Post #2

Ready for another discussion post? If you've been keeping up with our reading, I'm sure you are! Things are picking up in Kate's Atlanta, and it's time for you to shout out how you feel.


Discussion Questions:

* Now that you have a little more insight into Kate and her background, what questions do you still have about her?

* What do you think of Curran and his Pack? About the People?

* Urban Fantasy tends to be a little heavy on the action. How are you feeling about the fight scenes? Love them or leave them?

* We finished this set of chapters on quite a cliffhanger! What are your predictions for what is coming next?


My Thoughts?

Since I've already read this, I'll refrain from answering the first question and instead say that Kate's background is definitely interesting! You'll slowly learn more and more about her as the series goes on, should you choose to continue it of course. It's amazing! Kate isn't just a woman, she isn't just a mercenary, she's so much more. It's no wonder she's one of my absolute favorite female characters!

Curran and his Pack are one of the parts of Kate's Atlanta that I love the most. I love the fact that shape shifters aren't just rogue individuals, but that they actually have a pack and a leader. The dynamics of their political system add an interesting part to this whole story. You'll see! As for the People, they creep me out. As much as I love this new take on vampires, well, they're pretty creepy. Living inside a dead person's head in order to pilot them? No thank you. Nataraja is just one odd guy. Rowena though? I kind of like.

I LOVE the fight scenes in this book. I think they do a great job of showing how fierce Kate is when she needs to be, but also how human and frail she is at the same time. Watching her fight has a certain kind of elegance to it. As for Curran? His fighting is just pure, animalistic violence. He's strong, and he knows it. Paired up? These two are a force to be reckoned with, for sure.

I'm not giggling as I type the fact that I know what's coming next. I swear, I'm not! Okay... maybe I am. I'll leave this here. Enjoy my friends! I can't wait to see what you have to say!

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