Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Magic Bites - Discussion Post #1

Good morning, and happy Tuesday bookish people!

My deepest apologies for how long it took to get this post up. The benefit of having a Blogger site is that we don't have to pay, so no book club dues! The downside is, that sometimes it has a spastic moment and we have to wait for it to be fixed. Ah, well. That's life!

Hopefully I've given you all enough time to devour the first three chapters of Magic Bites, and you're ready for a rousing discussion! Let's do this!


Discussion Questions:

* Starting with the basics, are you a newbie or a veteran in the Urban Fantasy genre?

* You've had a few chapters to be introduced to Miss Kate Daniels. What is your opinion of her so far?

* How do you feel about the world-building in Ilona Andrews' book? 

* Is there anything you have questions about? Anything that you're looking forward to discovering?

* So far we've had a glimpse of Curran, our Beast Lord. Any opinions?

* As always, shout out anything else you're passionate about!


Don't forget, this discussion is spoiler free and a bully free zone! We love your opinions, but be polite to our other members as well. Thank you!

My Thoughts?

I made sure to let everyone know ahead of time that I've already read this series the entire way through and am totally in love with it :). Kate Daniels is one of my favorite characters of all time, and I don't care who knows it. That being said, I'm not new to Urban Fantasy. Kate was just my first foray into this genre, and I've been reading them ravenously ever since. So again, yes I do love Kate! She's sassy, intelligent, and as kick-ass as they come. I can't wait for you to be further introduced to her.

I think the world building in Ilona Andrews' book is solid, but one that you really have to let go to enjoy. This Atlanta is filled with magic and monsters so, if you're not able to accept that and move on? It's tough to enjoy the story. I, for one, love the idea of shifters, monsters and wild magic. It makes for a fun way to get lost in a new place. 

I'll hold my comments about Curran in check until you get to meet him more later, but trust me when I say that he and Kate are evenly matched in the sarcasm department :). I think this first set of chapters gives a good insight into the type of character he is. Strong, noble, and willing to do whatever it takes. You've seen a little bit of the banter between these two. I can promise you, there's more to come. I love them so much. I really really do.

I'm eager to hear what you think! Don't be afraid to be honest. If this wasn't a book for you so far? Shout it out! I'll never fault anyone for their opinion. That's the lovely thing about books: there's something for everyone.

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