Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Mister Trophy - Discussion Post

Well friends, we've reached the end of novella month. Thanks a ton for taking this trip with me, and I hope you had fun! Sometimes it's nice to take a step back from long books, and dive into something new with a shorter story. My wish for you is that you've found something new to love!

This week's novella falls slightly into the Urban Fantasy realm. The Mister Trophy by Frank Tuttle is one of the novellas in his Markhat series. I was told that they could be read in any order, but that this was one of the best to read first. Let's see what you thought about Markhat and his wise-cracking ways.


Discussion Questions:

* Are you normally a reader of Fantasy books? Or does this book fall into a new genre for you?

* What were your initial impressions of Markhat? 

* Do you feel like this novella was a good standalone, or would you want more back story?

* Did this story spark a need for you to read more in this series?

* Share your thoughts on the ending. Do you feel like it wrapped everything up?


My Thoughts:

Fantasy books were actually pretty much all I read for about five years when I was younger. I ran through the Dragonlance series, and devoured every book I could get my hands on that was similar. I have a soft spot for the world of Fantasy. Wizards, trolls, sprites and elves make my heart happy. So I was actually pretty excited to read this book. I was hoping to find something new to sink into as a series.

I liked Markhat right off the bat. The way he responded to the troll's inquiry for him made me giggle out loud. He reminds me a lot of Rincewind from the Discworld series, always in trouble but with the wit to get out of sticky situations most times. I liked his sarcasm, and the way that he was intelligent enough to see a few steps ahead. No wonder he's a good detective!

I feel like this was a decent standalone, but I really want more of Markhat's back story. According to the author's website, there's actually another novella he recommends reading before this one**, so I might give it a shot to see if there's more information about where Markhat came from. Which means, obviously, I'm wanting more of this series. It seems fun! As for the ending, I'd say it pretty well wrapped things up. It leaves things just open enough for Markhat to have more crazy events on the horizon, but the story he was a part of was all taken care of. I liked it immensely.

The Cadaver Client (Novella) ** This is the one!
Dead Man's Rain (Novella)

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