Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Bridesmaid - Discussion Post

This week's novella was on the lighter side! I thought after diving into the macabre, it was time to get a little smooching and romance in your life. I hope you enjoyed reading The Bridesmaid, and have a lot to say about it. Let's get started.


Discussion Questions:

* Are you normally a reader of romance, or was this outside of your normal reading pattern?
* What were your first impressions of Kate and Joe, before they met?
* Did you like the serendipitous way that these two happened to meet?
* Were there any events that you were hoping for that didn't happen?
* We're all adults, so let's talk romance. Sex scenes in your reading: yay, or nay?
* Share your thoughts on the ending. Do you love a good Happily Ever After?


My Thoughts:

Up until about a year ago, I was completely anti-romance novels. Just the thought of reading about perfect meetings, random sexy times and happily ever afters made me want to run away screaming. I honestly couldn't even tell you why! It's just the truth. Then, I decided to suck it up and give a romance novel a chance. I figured, worse case scenario, I could always stop reading whenever I wanted. I was hooked. Caught up in the adorable nature of the book. Damnit. I still don't read them all that often, but, I do read them much more than before. It's a nice escape!

My first impressions of both Kate, and Joe, were pretty much the same. They seemed like perfectly normal people with perfectly normal problems. I knew that they'd meet, I knew that it'd be perfectly normal yet adorable, and it was! That's the thing about romance. You can see it coming. It's the characters that keep you reading on. So I was pretty happy overall with Kate and Joe's little romantic fling. A novella is too short for them to have too much tension, so I let that fact slide.

Talking romance, I'm all about spicy bedroom scenes! Yes, I admit it. I'm that girl who loves reading about bodice ripping, sexy times. So sue me. This book was actually pretty tame compared to some that I read. So their lovemaking didn't phase me one bit. In truth? I may have been a slight bit disappointed on that front ;). LOL. I mean, Joe sounded so yummy! As for the ending, I thought it was spot on. Was it totally believable that he'd give up his new job for a girl he just met? Maybe not. Does it fit perfectly with this romantic short? It absolutely does. So, again, I'll let it slide. Plus I'm a sucker for a HEA in romance books.

(Contemporary Romance) Homecoming Ranch (Pine River #1)

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