Monday, November 30, 2015

2nd Annual Great Big Holiday Giveaway!

Well my darling bookworms, another year is winding down. 

Can you believe that we've been a book club for over a year now? I know, I'm tearing up too. It's all so lovely! Having others to share your passion with is amazing, and our bookish community is one of the best. It's why I love being your moderator.

To say thank you to all of you, I'm doing another holiday giveaway!

This year's giveaway is a brand new, shiny Amazon Fire Tablet!

Perfect for all of your reading, Netflix watching, and game playing needs. I thought I'd mix it up a bit this time. I hope you're all excited!


So how do you enter?

Here's the skinny.

All month long I'll be giving you opportunities to win entries into the raffle for this, starting today! The trick? You must watch our Facebook group for the questions/challenges/scavenger hunts daily. If you miss a day, that just means you miss an entry. Each entry challenge is open for 24 hours. (Until 8pm PST the next day.)

On December 31st I'll tally the entries, and let the random number generator pick a winner! Then  your Fire Tablet will ship straight to you, and you can cuddle it forever and always ;).

Ready for today's entry?

Step 1: Go to the NOVELLA NOVEMBER post.
Step 2: Leave a comment!

It can be an entry (which gains you points in the giveaway that ends tomorrow), or a comment on someone else's entry. Go interact!
That's it. You'll get one entry. Then check back in our FB group for another entry tomorrow.

Happy winning!

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