Saturday, November 28, 2015

2015 Winter Wonder Swap

ARE YOU READY? You'd better be, because it's time to swap again!

To start, please make sure you read the General Guidelines post. If you get to the end of the document and still have a burning question, email me or comment here! I'm always happy to help.


This swap is Christmas themed, or Winter themed if that's better for you. I understand not everyone celebrates Christmas, so tweak it to whatever suits you. The theme is open to interpretation!

The following items are required in your package:
* One book of your choice. It can be Winter/Christmas themed... or not!
* One thing that edible. Cookies, candy, or even peanuts. It's all fair game.
One handmade item. That's right! You're going to make something. Make an ornament, knit a scarf, draw a picture. Your choice!
One bookmark. This can also be handmade, or store bought. Give your buddy something to help mark their place!
A note to your lovely swap partner.

Money Limit: 
Your box must contain items that add up to at least $20. Anything beyond that is your own personal choice, if you'd like to add extras. You may also add items that are not on the theme list if you so choose!
        * Some helpful hints:
                 - Check out dollar stores. You can get lots of fantastic and fun items there!
                 - Shop the dollar spot at local stores like Target or Walmart.
                 - Go thrift store hunting. This is perfectly okay! Just make sure the item is in good 
                    (A good rule of thumb is to think, "Would I want to receive this?")
                 - Re-gift something of yours (in good condition of course) that you think fits the box.
                 - Make something. It's cool to include something handmade. Again, just make sure it's 
                    something you'd like to receive yourself.

Shipping Information:
This swap is open to members with addresses located in the U.S. All delivery confirmation numbers must be in no later than December 19th. This also means your box should be shipped no later than this date. You must procure a delivery confirmation number when sending your package, and include it in the form located here. No delivery confirmation means you won't be eligible for future swaps.

Ready to join in?

Fill out THIS FORM completely to sign up. 

I'll match you with a swapping buddy and send out information as to who you will be mailing to. Please know I try to keep this a surprise, so you won't know who is mailing to you unless you specifically ask.

***Sign ups will be open until December 7th***

Late sign ups will not be accepted. I need that time to match people up and still give you ample time to go and do some shopping!


If you sign up, your are promising to send a package. Please make sure you can follow through! I never want anyone to end up without a box. Thanks!

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