Friday, December 4, 2015

Monthly Theme List for 2016!

In an effort to get a jump on next year, as I'm planning on it being altogether amazing, I've compiled a list of all the themes we'll be tackling! See below.

January 2016 - Dashing Through The Snow
* Choose a book that is set in a snowy locale!

February 2016 - Swoon Worthy Protagonists
* Let's steam up February with some HOT protagonists! Yes, girl crushes are allowed.

March 2016 - Books About Books
* Is it set in a library? Is the protagonist an author? Let's read books about books!

April 2016 - Graphic Novels
* We are doing this! I know we skipped it last year. Stories aren't always just words.

May 2016 - Middle Grade Magic
* May is all about amazing Middle Grade characters, and stories steeped in magic.

June 2016 - Road Trips
* Have a favorite book about a road trip? Here's your chance to share!

July 2016 - Independence
* A country, a family, a character. Anyone fighting for independence fits here.

August 2016 - The High Seas
* Arrrr mateys! We be choosing books about Pirates in August.

September 2016 - Banned Books
* So many books are banned every year, which is why we'll put them in the spotlight.

October 2016 - Haunted Houses/Cities
* Things get spooky in October, and we'll celebrate by visiting some haunted dwellings.

November 2016 - Novellas
* We'll slow things down in November, in preparation for the holidays, with a few shorter reads.

* December is all about bonding, planning for the new year, and winning awesome stuff!

More information on how our monthly book choice is going to work next year, coming soon! 

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