Friday, May 30, 2014

The War Bride Club - Final Discussion Post

Time to do the weekend dance, my bookish friends! You know the one. Where you jump for joy over the fact that you can actually sleep in tomorrow if you choose? I sure do love me some weekends. I know you've all been itching to discuss the final portion of this book so here you go!

Let's talk The War Bride Club.



It's the end of book free for all! Share with us your final thoughts on anything that strikes your fancy!


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My Thoughts?

Okay, so call me a bitter betty if you so choose but honestly? I'm a bit disappointed at the ending. You are welcome to disagree with me :). In fact, I welcome it! I just am never a fan of books where all the characters end up with a HEA. Why? Mostly because I feel like it's just not even close to reality. Still, since this is technically historical romance I'll let it slide. After all, romance books pretty much always have a happy ending. It's the way of the world!

In terms of my favorite characters though, I was thrilled for Betty! I knew it was coming around the corner. I knew she'd eventually get her man. Still, I couldn't help but get a huge, cheesy grin on my face when he finally proposed. They will be perfect together! And the fact that he's not asking her to forget his brother is just too sweet for words. *swoon*

I also think that the ending for Madeline was well done. It's kind of one of those, things are good but we'll see won't we? type endings. I'm digging it. I'm not the type who cares if everything is wrapped up tight with a pretty little bow, as long as it makes sense.

Overall? I liked this book more than I expected to! Being totally honest I would have never picked this up on my own. It's pretty far out from what I normally read. I'm glad I did though :). You guys are great pickers!

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