Saturday, May 17, 2014

The War Bride Club - Discussion Post #2

So I've decided to switch the day that discussion posts go up to Saturday! It's just easier for me to get them up on a day when I don't have to worry about work, which tends to make me forget that this is supposed to be posted. Ha! Plus I figure it'll give people a chance to catch up with reading on Friday nights if they choose, so they can come into discussion posts fresh on Saturday :). It's a win for everyone!

Let's talk The War Bride Club.



*Have your perceptions of any of the women changed from when you first met them?
*Is there a new character that you relate to more than the others?
*What do you think about the author's decision to keep the women separate so far?
*Any thoughts on what might be coming around the bend?


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My Thoughts?

I finally had time to catch up last night, and I just finished Chapter 22 this morning. I'm being honest here friends, I'm devastated at how things are going! It's breaking my heart. If you'll recall, Alice was one of my favorite characters at the beginning of the story. I loved her fire, and her wit. I don't want to spoil anything for people who might be behind, but I really can't stand behind some of the choices that she's been making. I mean, yes I do understand where she's coming from, but really?

I think my new favorite character is Betty. I feel so deeply for her, and I'm really hoping that there are good things coming around the bend for her. Maybe a romance of her very own? I know she's too broken right now, but she deserves all the good things life can throw at her.

Just like the rest of you, I'm mostly hoping that Soraya Lane brings this ladies back together soon! I miss their banter, and I know that they definitely need the strength of their group right now. Even those who think their life is going well. I have to say that I also really appreciate that Lane is giving each woman her own suffering to overcome. After all, life isn't really ever just perfect, is it?

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