Monday, May 12, 2014

The War Bride Club - Discussion Post #1

Happy Monday fellow bookworms!

It's been a very busy weekend, but I hope you all had an amazing one. Whether you spent the weekend with family, or did something fun on your own, I hope it was a blast! I was actually sick on Friday, but the weekend wrapped up spending time with my awesome family, so it was all okay in the end :). My apologies for this post being late, but it's up now so...

Let's talk The War Bride Club.



* What are your initial thoughts on this book? Is it what you were expecting?
* Is there a specific character that you are identifying with more than the others?
* Share with us your thoughts on the stories these women share with one another.
* What do you think about the view of America that these ladies have?


Share out in the comments below! Disqus has this great feature where it creates a waterfall effect for replies, to keep discussions easy. You might want to sign up for an account. It will notify you if someone replies to you. Also don't forget that the Top Commenter gets rewarded! I love seeing your discussions!

My Thoughts?

I'm a little behind, as I've only just reached Chapter 5, but so far I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying this story! It's tough sometimes for me to get behind Historical Romance stories. The women usually are flighty, and marry for reasons that I just can't wrap my head around even though I know they live in a different time period. In this case, I'm actually liking the characters so far. I loved Alice's story, and I think she might be my favorite so far.

I also laughed out loud at the way that these women view the America that they're travelling to. I loved that they were studying up on the way we say things, and wondering out loud whether certain customs would still apply. I don't doubt it's terrifying to be uprooted to a brand new place, much less to a place across the ocean. I'm only hoping that their ideals actually match what they end up with.

I'll catch up soon, and then I'll be back to comment on your comments :).

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