Monday, January 26, 2015

Discussion Post #3 - Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

Happy Monday darlings! Sorry for the delay, our server was down on Saturday and then I just forgot on Sunday. Lol. Let's get started on our new discussion, shall we?


Chapters: Chapter 8 to Chapter 11

1. Let's start with Selma. We get a lot more background into her life, and how she became who she is today. What's your opinion of her now? Has it changed since the beginning of the story?

2. There's a definite sense that Eby might not want to let go of Lost Lake. What do you think is keeping her there? Do you think the party will change her mind?

3. Sarah Addison Allen's stories always bring a magical quality to an otherwise normal place. In this case, there's some magic involved in bringing Kate and Wes together. What did you think of Devin and her alligator?

4. Give us your predictions for the ending. Will Eby travel? Will she sell? Will Kate stay? Lay them out!



Okay, so I'm a little biased in starting with Selma because these chapters blew me away! I've been intrigued by her character since she first appeared, and I kept wondering what had made her so detached. Learning about her childhood, and the woman who gave her the charms, made me feel so much more for Selma. I think she's just a lonely woman looking for love, and she's afraid that she's pushed everyone too far away to find it. I'm hoping for a happy ending for her too!

Now Eby, well I don't think she wants to sell. I hope so much that Kate is going to take over for her, but more I hope that she does what makes her happy. I think that Lost Lake is a big part of her, but her need to travel also tugs at her. Hopefully she can have both? I'd miss Lost Lake, and I have a strong feeling that the citizens of the town are beginning to realize that they would too. After all, this party has gotten a little out of hand in terms of size.

Ah, the alligator. It's the thing I love about SAA's books. There's this magical undertone that only adds, but doesn't take away. I love the fact that it's supposedly Billy in the alligator. That he finally was able to escape, and is now trying to communicate to Wes that he's happy and okay. I also absolutely adore that Wes and Kate are slowly moving closer. I truly believe that, wherever that letter is, it says they're meant to be together. I think that too!

So, the ending. I know it's going to be bittersweet, because SAA's endings generally are. I'm predicting that Kate stays, and Wes helps her at Lost Lake. That they'll get their own happy endings. I'm also thinking that Eby will actually leave to travel, because it's what she wants. OH! And I almost forgot about Lisette! I think she's finally found love. :)

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