Saturday, January 17, 2015

Discussion Post #2 - Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

Happy Saturday ladies and gents! It's time for another magical discussion post of Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen. Heads up, I actually missed a piece of the book on my breakdown! If you finished at the end of chapter 8, keep going until you see the page that says "Part 2". Trust me, you'll want to! It's another flashback!

Moving on, discussion time!


Chapters: Chapter 4 - beginning of Part 2

1. In this series of chapters we see more of Lost Lake, and the people who frequent it. How are you liking the setting? Do you feel like it's a character in its own right?

2. Cricket's true motives come to light. How has your opinion of her changed? Has it? Do you see Kate in a different light now?

3. How do you predict that Wes will fit into the picture?

4. We've been given another glimpse into Eby and George's younger days. How did you feel about the new information that came out about Eby and her family?



Let me tell you, I'm in love with Lost Lake. I keep thinking how much I'd love to go there, especially once Eby described it as "a haven for misfits". It's the kind of place where magic happens. Where imagination is allowed to bloom, and people fall in love. I'm not going to lie, I'm hardcore swooning over it. If there's one thing that SAA does well, it's create places that come alive.

After reading these chapters, and finding out more about Cricket, I can't say I like her at all. I think she's important though. Without her motives, without her want to completely take over Kate's life, things wouldn't be moving forward. Cricket is opening Kate's eyes to how much she wants her own life back. Kate is realizing that she's ready to move forward and I think Eby sees it too. I'm hoping with all my heart that she takes over Lost Lake!

Ah, Wes. Such a tragic backstory, but such a sweet chance meeting with Kate. I'm not sure whether I would happier if they rekindle what they might of just had, or if they just help one another get over their mutual losses. I know we haven't seen a whole lot of Wes, but he seems like a perfect match for Kate. Both dreamers, both lost. Maybe they can find one another? I hope so.

As I said above, I totally missed the little piece at the end of chapter 7, which if you haven't read stop right here and go read before you read this!

I loved having another glimpse into Eby and George's younger days. They were so wild, and free-spirited. This particular flashback also broke my heart though. Now I understand why Eby was always so distant from her family. Why she and George gave up all their money in favor of happiness for the two of them. Marilee and Eby's mother are the type of characters that I love to hate. I see their necessity, but it doesn't make me like them. So selfish, so frustrating.

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