Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Updates: Post #2

Well, happy 2015 to all of you amazing bookish people out there! No matter how 2014 treated you, here's hoping that 2015 is better. Also, that it's filled to the brim with amazing reads. I'll be happy to help you with that ;).

Ready for announcements? This isn't all of them. There's one more post coming! It's a new year, and I'm aiming to do it right.

#4 - New Look!

As you can see, I've revamped our site. As much as I loved our old header, the darkness of this page just wasn't doing it for me. I feel like this is cleaner, crisper, and easier to find everything on :). Best of all, it's more organized two!

Let's walk through our new navbar:

*Past Reads - With every new book that we finish, this shelf will update. This gives new members an opportunity to see the types of books we've already read, and allows everyone to make sure we don't repeat when submitting book picks.

*Bookshelf - Looking to add a new book suggestion? Want to see what others have already submitted? You'll find both of those on this new tab. Each time one of you submits a new book pick, I'll add it to this shelf. Remember, I pull them based on the monthly themes. So this month be on the lookout for novellas! (I also made the form easier!)

*Discussions - This tab, which won't take you anywhere just yet, will link you to all the discussion posts for the current book we're reading. Don't worry, it'll work just as soon as we start Lost Lake!

*Calendar - This page is linked to a master calendar on Google. From now on anytime we have anything coming up, you'll find it here. The 1st of every month has a reminder of what the theme is for that month! You'll also see discussion post dates, future swaps, giveaways, and more.

*New Members - I'm still in the edits for this tab, but if you're a new member (or if you want to add someone by sending them here) this will be a treasure trove of information for you!

#5 - More Interaction

One of the things I love most about running this book club is having a running commentary with people while we're reading. I know it's not always easy to stick to the reading schedule, that sometimes you'll binge read 8 chapters to catch up right before the discussion post, but I want to give people a chance to talk in between those posts. So, I'm implementing some new posts to foster more interaction.

You already know that the discussion questions go up every Friday. Now they'll be a post each Sunday with a reminder of what chapters we're reading and "Things to Think About This Week", where you can have a discussion while you're waiting for the formal discussion post. Also, periodically, I'll be posting fun mini giveaways/challenge questions for you! 

Basically what I'm saying is this: MAKE SURE YOU'RE FOLLOWING THIS BLOG!

As much as I love cross posting things to Facebook, if you're following here you'll get a jump on everyone else ;).

More announcements tomorrow!

Including: A New Way to Win Monthly Prizes AND A New Spotlight Program!

Can you find the spelling error in this post? First person to comment correctly wins a surprise Kindle book!

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