Sunday, February 15, 2015

Discussion Post - Mile 81 by Stephen King

Hope your weekend is going great so far! If you've read Mile 81 by Stephen King this weekend, it's probably filled with a little bit of creep factor. Are you ready to chat? I hope so!



Let's have an open discussion about this one, since it's so short. Are you a fan of Stephen King? Are you a fan or horror in general? Share with us what you liked, and didn't like about this book!

Bonus points if you can name on other SK book that you just totally love!



So, I'm fairly biased when it comes to Stephen King. Sure, there are a few books he's written that I thought totally missed the mark. For the most part though, he shines as one of my all time favorite authors. He's a master at building tension, at creating that horrible unease in the pit of your stomach, and of bringing things to life that you didn't even know you were afraid of. I'm a fan of the horror genre, and SK fits snugly into that box for me.

That being said, a lot of his newer short stories have kind of failed to impress me. While Mile 81 wasn't a bad short story, it was definitely less than what I expected it to be. The bizarre makes a debut in King novels a lot. I'm used to weird, and mainly unexplained, things happening. For me though, this particular event was just too weird for words. That, and I wanted some type of closure. Any type of closure. So, I was a little disappointed.

What are your thoughts?

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