Saturday, February 28, 2015

Discussion Post #3 - Eat, Play, Lust by Tawna Fenske

It's Saturday, and that means (hopefully) relaxation and reading! It's my hope you've had a little bit of down time today :). I also really hope that you're all ready to discuss this next novella!



* This was a quick, steamy read. What did you think about our main characters? Do you feel they were well fleshed out for a novella length story?

* What are your feelings on Cami's reasons for eating healthy foods? Do you think it was a good jumping off point for these characters?

* Steamy scenes: let's talk sex. Yay, or nay on the heat level? 



So, full disclosure, I have a big crush on Entangled books. Their authors are wonderful people, the editors do a wonderful job, and the stories are pretty much always a ton of fun. I might be a little biased because of how many I've read :). That being said, novellas are a tricky terrain for me. They're so short that it's hard to really develop characters. So I wasn't surprised that Cami and Paul were only slightly fleshed out. I did like their backgrounds, especially Paul's chef background, though.

Now as for Cami's reason for not wanting Paul to know her "dark secret", I was a little annoyed. I'll be honest. The story itself is super sweet, and these two definitely have some chemistry. I just couldn't get over the fact that Cami's food issues were such a big deal for her. Still, it did make a nice entrance for Paul's expertise to bring these two together. So I'll forgive it. Maybe I'm just too much a foodie to understand anyone being nervous about food. Ha!

Sex scenes? I'd say these rate right around a 5 on the "HOT ALERT" scale. They were very tame, but also sensual at the same time. It's tough to make sparks fly between two characters without a lot of extra pages, but I think the author definitely achieved that. These two had some major passion, and I give points to that.

Overall rating? I'd say it's a 4 from this reader! Short, sweet, and now I want some tater tots.

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