Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Discussion Post #2 - Fun Home: A Family Tragiocomic by Alison Bechdel

Sorry this is a little late, all. I forgot how much of a punch in the gut this graphic novel is, and so I ended up having to take a break part way through to read something a little lighter. I realize that this is much different than the book we started with, and I wanted it that way. To show you all that graphic novels can touch on all topics, and can even be memoirs. Alison Bechdel's memoir is one of the best I've read, because her illustrations are essentially her heart bled onto the page. It's tough not to feel that. 

Here's hoping for a good discussion!


Discussion Points:

* Alison Bechdel chose to tell her story as a graphic novel, rather than just a novel. What did you think about this choice?

* She also describes her style as one of "cool asthetic distance" at one point. Do you think this is true?

* Bechdel's relationship with her father was tenuous, but they used books as a way of communicating. Did this resonate with you? Why do you think it was easier for them than speaking frankly?

*  Bechdel claims that there was something entirely fictional about the life her family led. What does she mean by that?

* How do you think that Bechdel's own introspective look at her sexuality mirrored her fathers? Do you think it might have brought them closer together if he was honest with her?


Feel free to add to this, and chat about anything that you're interested in!

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