Monday, October 19, 2015

Ghost Story - Discussion Post #1

Sorry for the delay on this everyone! Does anyone else think that this book was a slow burn? Now I'm totally invested, but while I was sick it was hard to get settled. Enough about me though, let's discuss!

This time around, we're discussing PART I of this book.



* What are your initial impressions of the characters in Ghost Story? Specifically, our Chowder Society?

* Do you have a character who stands out to you more than the others? One you connect with?

* Why do you think the Chowder Society exists as it does?

* What's one question that you still have at this point?



So, as I stated above, this book was a slow burn for me. At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about the Chowder Society. I think I took a quick glance at this old men who puttered around in their finery, and felt like I wasn't going to be able to connect with them. However, the second the first ghost story was told, I was smitten. What dark secrets were these men hiding? What caused them to be so terrified and frail? I had to find out.

In terms of a favorite character, I think Ricky probably fits the bill. He's just so eager for things to be still, and happy. He's still deeply in love with his wife, even though he knows she might stray. I think what really endears me to him though is how critical he is of himself. Ricky knows that he isn't perfect. He knows he's flawed, and he knows his friends are flawed. But he accepts it, and he does the best he can with what he has.

Which brings me to why the Chowder Society exists in the first place. All these men are obviously drawn together by something dark in their past, but more than that I think that they're drawn together by the fact that they understand one another at the deepest level. Their meetings have become cannon. They know one another's secrets, and quirks, and still are friends. What better place to share what ails you most, than with people who seem to understand you?

The one question I still have at the end of Part I is why Wanderly died in the first place. I know that's obvious, but come on. Mysterious circumstances, anyone? I hope I find out before the end.

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