Monday, December 1, 2014

The Great Big Holiday Giveaway!

Well my darling bookworms, another year is winding down. Before we know it we'll be staring 2015 in the face! I have to say that I've had a blast being your moderator all of 2014. We've had some amazing conversations about books, bonded over awesome bookish paraphernalia, and made some new friends who don't mind our affinities for fictional boys. Having someone to talk books with is amazing. Having a lot of someones? Well that's even better!

To say thank you for a wonderful year, I'm gifting something we all love. THE POWER TO READ.

Yes, that's right. I'm giving away a shiny new Kindle to one of our lucky book club participants. I'll even throw in 3 of my favorite books once it gets you and you're all set up. I'm more than happy to start your library. Already have a Kindle? I'll gift you the value of the e-reader in books instead! You can choose to win $75 in books instead.

So how do you enter?

Here's the skinny.

All month long I'll be giving you opportunities to win entries into the raffle for this. You'll have 31 days of chances, so you'll have at least 31 entries into the giveaway! The trick? You must watch our Facebook group for the questions/challenges/scavenger hunts daily. If you miss a day, that just means you miss an entry. Each entry challenge is open for 24 hours. (Until 8pm PST the next day.)

On December 31st I'll tally the entries, and let the random number generator pick a winner! Then  your Kindle will ship straight to you, and you can cuddle it forever and always ;).

Ready for today's entry?

Head back to our Facebook page and leave a comment on the thread where this was first announced. Tell me what your favorite book of 2014 (so far) was! That's it. You'll get one entry. Then check back tomorrow for another.

Happy winning!

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