Friday, April 18, 2014

The Rosie Project - Discussion Post #3

*rushes in panting*

Truth be told? I almost forgot about this post today! See, I got off work early and then we went to ULTA and there was Wingstop involved get the gist. It's Friday :)

Let's talk The Rosie Project.



Discuss whatever strikes your fancy.
Love a character? Hate a character? Wish the author had brutally murdered Gene?
*cough cough*
Share it out!


Share out in the comments below! Disqus has this great feature where it creates a waterfall effect for replies, to keep discussions easy. You might want to sign up for an account. It will notify you if someone replies to you. Also don't forget that the Top Commenter gets rewarded! I love seeing your discussions!

My Thoughts?

*slinks behind a wall*

Okay, so I didn't finish this week's chapters yet, although I do plan to read them tomorrow. LOL. I was just so busy all week and by the time I got on the train I just wanted to read fluff. I've been reading Brazen romance novels and swooning over hot, fictional men. Eh, it's my vice.

Start a conversation and I'll hop in as soon as I can!

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